Protection of personal data

Information About Law on Protection of Personal Data

Your personal data, which will be obtained by our Company through your applications and agreements signed for the purpose of receiving financial leasing service and have ownership of movable or immovable goods within the content of the agreement, are processed by our Company in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Your personal data is processed by our Company for the purposes as to submit a healthy, fast and productive service during the financial leasing agreement period, to perform safe and effective necessary notices; to establish healthy and safe relationship with you and your representative in the agreement process, in accordance with the aim and procedures envisaged by the Law on Protection of Personal Data. 

Your personal data may be transferred to administrative and official authorities and legal persons as Credit Record Bureau, Turkey Banking Association’s Risk Center, our Company’s direct and indirect shareholders and local-international affiliates, business partners, our suppliers, notaries, custom directorates, insurance companies, provided the legislation permits -local-international third parties who serves to our Company or our Company gives services to, independent audit companies, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Capital Markets Board, Central Bank of Republic of Turkey, Association of Financial Institutions as per the legal obligations but within the frame of legal restrictions

Real persons have rights to request information about processing their personal data, learn the purpose of processing personal data, learn third parties of whom the data is transferred, request correction on the data if any, request delete or dismissal the data if necessary conditions are occurred as to the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

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