Why Leasing ?

1% V.A.T. advantage

You benefit from the 1% of V.A.T. applied especially in the machines and equipment used in the production industry.


100%  financing without using your equity

You buy the equipment you wish with instalments instead of buying it in cash.


Tax advantage

You benefit from all kinds of exemptions from tax, fees and charges.


Fixed instalments

Your instalments are fixed during the term of your agreement and you may pay your instalments in TL or foreign currency.


Advantage of recording expenses

You record as expense the profit part of your instalment and deduct it from your tax base.


Operational easiness

You don’t need to deal with procedures related to export and incentives; we do them on behalf of you.


Possibility of medium and long term financing

Instead of using your banks’ credit lines, pay with medium / long term leasing instalments.



You benefit from the amortization and re-evaluation of your leasing investments.


Investment incentive advantage

Through handing over your investment incentive certificate to Haliç Leasing, realize your investments partially or fully with us.

Ownership handover at the end of the leasing term

You hand over the ownership of leased asset with a symbolic payment at the end of the agreement.